Friday, November 12, 2010

Kokopelli Valance--Finally Complete! (now with pictures)

I started this project back in July, when DH and I decided to make some minor changes to the the office so it better suited both of us. Since then, the valance has remained unfinished, pinned to the drapery pole. I lost my job right after that and lost some of my enthusiasm for it, needless to say.

I got my mojo back for this project after the in-laws' visit last month. I was a little embarrassed that it was hanging up there in that condition, even though they were unaware of it. I knew, and it really bothered me. I finished it yesterday morning while DH was out of the house. Basically all that was needed was lining, trimming to size, and sewing the casing and hem--just a couple hours of work.

The valance hangs straight from the pole without gathers per DH's preference. No frou-frou gathers for him! The face is quilting cotton, which had the Kokopelli design he wanted, but it was a bit too thin to look right on its own. The flannel gave the quilting cotton a more substantial hand. It hangs better now and looks more like a home dec fabric.

The flannel also provides a neutral backing that looks better from outside the house. The office window is right by the front door, so having a finished back was important to me.

Of course, DH didn't even realize I'd changed anything until I pointed it out. He has a lot of great qualities but a sense of aesthetics isn't one of them!