Sunday, November 25, 2012

Material Girls, November Edition

What a nice way to end Thanksgiving weekend--sewing with friends. Our location is closed on Sundays, but we still get an opportunity for shopping since it's a sewing store. Great if you're missing some notions or see a fabric you just have to have.

I cut out a long sleeved T from Kwik Sew 2565, a TNT that I retraced to my current size at last month's meet up. This one is something of a prototype--I'm using a mystery knit that I bought a few years ago at  Fabrix in San Francisco. I added a generous 1" of "fit insurance" to all vertical seams. Hopefully it won't be needed, but good to have if I do.

I also worked on a UFO from last year, the OOP Butterick 3257 vest. After making the fur one, I cut another from an interesting polarfleece remnant I found at Joann's Hancock's. The base is regular polarfleece, with a plastic-y layer laminated on top. The resulting fabric looks like quilted leather! Unfortunately, I didn't it get it done last winter and lost interest after the weather warmed up, so it's been languishing in a bag all year. Fleece garments are perfect for Albuquerque weather, so the timing is again right.

The mojo is back just a little. Thank goodness for TNTs and UFOs!

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