Saturday, July 14, 2012

McCall's 5384 (OOP)

I made this top over Memorial Day weekend in May, but I just recently realized I hadn't blogged about it. I made View A, which is the eyelet one on the pattern envelope. The pattern is copyright 2007. I have been meaning to make it every summer since I bought it, but things kept getting in the way. You all know how that goes.

I made it from a lightweight rayon and linen blend stripe that I purchased from JoAnn's on clearance a few years ago--still working that stash down! The stripe was a good choice because there are a lot of different style lines that can be accented by cutting the pieces either crosswise or lengthwise. The front is just a basic dolman style that's been cut across the middle. No shaping; the seam's purpose appears to be to add a little bit of interest to an otherwise boring swath of fabric. The back also has a decorative seams but this time, a raglan look. Here's what I mean:

I cut out a straight Small, which I never do, and there is still plenty of ease. The "waist", which is formed by elastic inserts on the front and back, hits me at my actual waist vs. the empire style of the picture. And the length is more of a tunic than a top. Regardless, I still like it and it's wonderful to wear on a hot day due to the deep kimono sleeves. Yes, you could potentially see a bra but since I don't go around with my arms straight out in daily life I think I'm OK.

I don't think I'll make this again since it's quite distinctive. Also, my ASG friend Susan wants to borrow the pattern. I don't lend unless I'm willing to give it away. Nothing against my friend, but I've lent too many things in the past to various people that were never returned or came back in terrible condition. So to me, "lending" equals "giving."


Janine said...

It does look like a very cool top and the stripes do add interest as you say. That is a bit sad about the lending - sadly I have the most problems with a relative so whenever they ask to lend a book I try to put them off in some vague way as I know I may not get it back for a few years if at all.

shams said...

A very cute top! That probably is the best approach to "lending". No disapointment, no gnashing of teeth. Very zen. :D

gwensews said...

Loose and comfortable top and perfect for an air-conditioned restaurant or theater. I don't lend patterns. I will trace one off for someone though. Books are also an issue.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

LOL at the lending vs giving statement because that's my philosophy that when something comes back in good condition I'm pleasantly surprised. I like the top. I bet its comfy to wear!

patti said...

I like this top--esp the use of the stripes in 2 directions. Re: lending versus giving--after losing 2 issues of Threads that never came back I don't lend anything I want returned. On the other hand, the process of replacing those issues led to a great friendship!