Sunday, July 1, 2012

Material Girls, June Edition

It's been so hot, I've almost totally lost my sewing mojo.

Thank goodness for Material Girls! I'm good at attending meetings, so having this Neighborhood Group (ASG lingo for a sit and sew) kind of forces me to do sewing-related things. Our latest meeting was last Sunday, and I cut out 2 garments while socializing--second versions of TSW Ann's Cardigan and another attempt at Simplicity 2254.

I started sewing it this weekend. The last version--well, let's face it. It was a muslin. The new version incorporates a higher neckline,  extra circumference (sigh) and a FBA. The fabric for this one is a thin rayon challis print I picked up on the cheap from Hancock's Fabrics in 2007. Even though it's black, the garden print looks like summer to me.

So far so good since cutting it out last week. I've completed the upper bodice, including the PITA bindings. Next time, I have to remember to assemble the bodice sections and bindings flat. It has to be easier than assembling fronts and backs at the shoulder seams then joining everything together. Ugh.

After all of the effort, I realized the binding's seam was totally lost in the black background of the print.

Good thing I have a lace stash. I found the perfect one to follow the seam line and create some interest. Isn't this a lot better? And keep in mind that it's just draped into place and not even sewn down yet.

I also need to audition some buttons for center front. The pattern calls for nonfunctioning loops with buttons--but really, why? I saved myself the effort of making loops and will be just sewing some buttons down the front seam instead.

I haven't done anything with Ann's Cardigan except cut it out.

This version will not have the waistline seam of the last one, and the front band will be narrower. Both are limitations of the fabric--2 yards of a mystery knit I bought some time ago at Walmart. I would say Missoni-esque but I wouldn't want to insult them. It's a lacy pattern in a psychedelic combination of acid green, purple, navy and white. It'll go together quickly and will be perfect to wear in too-cold air conditioning. At least that's the plan.


Linda-B said...

Just discovered your blog and I love your tutorial for calculating the pattern for a 10-panel broomstick skirt. I also love visiting New Mexico, so you've gained a new reader!

Linda T said...

Love how the lace adds to the top. I know what you mean about the heat zapping the mojo. Mine is pretty low right now.

patti said...

Nancy, I love the garden-print-on-black--and the white lace is a great addition!

RhondaBuss said...

I love the choice of your trim and I agree that it is so much better. Great fabric.

Patricia said...

I love a black floral print, and it looks summery to me too!
The lace is perfect and really adds to the look. I'm sure the finished top will be beautiful, and hope you share it with us all!

gwensews said...

Upper bodice equals very nice!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The trim is a great addition!

Janine said...

You are right the trim really does make a great difference.
It is really cold in Australia at the moment - the coldest and wettest I can remember for years.
hopefully though now it is hot your way we get to see you Seude says peasant top ???