Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seasonal Changes

The cooling trend continues, and my little container garden actually seems to enjoy the cooler and slightly wetter weather we're having lately. There are several little tomatoes on the vine, not enough to preserve in any way but they're nice snacks. The beans are coming back slightly too. And of course, I continue to enjoy the basil and the mint. Not a particularly successful garden debut, but everyone is saying what an oddball year it has been. So I'll accept what it is and hope for better next year. Meanwhile, I have at least another month or so before there's frost, so garden goodness till then.

The seasons are also changing in the Girl Cave. I made my first fall project last weekend, another long sleeved TSW eShrug from some sweater knit I found at JoAnn's last week. Yep, a quick turnaround project. I'll put up pictures soon, I promise.

And tonight, I cut out a pair of TSW Mimosa Pants. These are pretty conservative for Sewing Workshop, but I think they'll be great for the workplace, with their faced waist and invisible side zip. I'm making them from a 50/50 blend of tencel and rayon that's been in the stash for a very long time. So here's hoping they'll go together quickly and well so I can share those too.

I've also been doing some reorganizing of my space. Nothing major, but it's time to put away the summer patterns and put the cool weather patterns front and center. There will be jackets, and soon.


Anonymous said...

We've had some of that gorgeous cool weather here in Tucson as well. It rained tonight for the third, or is it fourth day in a row. Wonderful, blessed relief. Fall is the best season!

Theresa in Tucson

Mary Beth said...

The terrible heat effected all my plants' ability to produce flowers (except for the okra) and now there wild fluctuation in temps so the peppers and tomatoes may not have time to fully grow to size. I fear we will have a similar year as last with La Nina upon us again. I hope you do more planting and enjoy what comes from it. Glad you've gotten a bit of a break from the heat!

I don't use the same patterns you do but I love seeing what you make. I am loving easy sewing/easy to wear clothing in knit right now. I almost don't want to go back to my first love: woolen tailoring but Fall and travel across the US will require me to change my ways soon!

Duchesse said...

Here in eastern Canada, fall came several weeks ago; the sun-drenched cool days welcome after a broiling summer. In one day, everyone packed up sandals and put on boots. Looking fwd to seeing your projects!

Mary said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your SW clothing. Glad it is cooling off a bit for you. Here in the high desert of Oregon, we still have warn temps in the day but it is cool at night.