Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend has been relaxing and enjoyable so far, particularly since the weather has cooled a bit.  I recall seeing 100 degrees on the car thermometer last weekend while running around. This weekend, it's in the 80s and much more moderate after all the heat we've been having.

No sewing this weekend, although I stopped back at the liquidating JoAnn's Friday afternoon. What a difference a week makes! The place looks like locusts have been through it. No Coats and Clark threads left (although a good bit of Gutermann, figure that one out!). The pattern cabinets are empty, except for a few Burda and Simplicity patterns. They'll go fast at $2 each, now that the 4/$1 patterns are gone. As for me, I bought zippers. I want to make a TSW Quincy Top for fall and it requires a separating zipper for the closure. It seems that I never have the right one when I want to make a zippered project, so why not stock up now? The cashier called me the Zipper Queen. Oh honey, if you only knew...

I also took some time out to do some clearing in the Girl Cave. It had become something of a dumping ground with all the free fabric acquisitions and other flotsam that found its way in there. I guess I was in the right mood, because it was actually kind of enjoyable.

I have been working on jewelry this weekend. Not anything wildly creative, mostly just repairs and refashioning. Working on stuff like that is a good way to see how things are put together in case I decide to create from scratch. Plus, it's like getting new stuff! I can definitely see jewelry-making becoming another crafty activity. I like wearing baubles, and it's almost instant gratification. These are some that I worked on, using some jewelry I had and some stash items that I uncovered during my cleaning.

Alas, not very good detail, but the one on the left is a carved monkey bead that I kept very simple. A small bead on the bottom to hold a wire in place, loop at the top of the wire, then a thin leather cord. The earrings are a re-styling job, just the carved bone beads on wires. The original pair was way over the top--beads, plus a woven knot and tassel. Step away from the chinoiserie! The necklace on the right is a fancy reverse-painted bead that has dragons on each side. I used a discarded knot and tassel from the earrings at the bottom to secure the wire, a spacer at the top, and made a loop to attached the silk cord. This one is still a work in process; I'm not totally happy with how the spacer sits at the top of the bead. I'll wear it until I figure out how I want to change it.


Duchesse said...

Jewelry fabrication is harder than it looks; having created a few lumpy projects, I have new respect for the pros. It's fun to do some simple stringing and far better to wear restyled pieces than to have a pile of unworn things.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Jewelrymaking is another fun and addictive hobby. I haven't done much of it lately but finally got around to making a two strand pearl necklace over the weekend and it reminded me how much I enjoy it.