Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy Sunday

I hope you'll indulge me with a catch-up post. Weekdays are busy and weekends can be, too. That being said, I've got a little bit of a breather to talk about last Sunday's activities.

I dropped of the vestments at church, which also happened to be a farewell to the associate rector, who took a rector's position at another church. Fortunately, it's also in Albuquerque so I'll be seeing him soon. The church was very full, as you might expect, and I could do little more than drop off the bag with one of the acolytes before I had to leave for my next activity... ASG class. It was out of my comfort zone, since I'm not much of a hand sewer nor do I make or wear a lot of frou frou. Here I am, working away. Obviously, this was a candid shot!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the ribbonwork class and had the project 90% complete at the end of the class. Just a little more finishing work on it while watching TV in the evening, and it was done.

It's a pin, so it can go on a garment, bag or hat. Still debating what, so it may just end up as a sample piece. However, I did see this cardigan in a catalog recently, and it's a different way of looking at the technique:

I like the tone on tone embellishment and it would be a nice way to dress up a plain cardigan. I'd probably make the flowers as pins so they could be removed for laundering. I'd hate to see my efforts ruined by washing or dry cleaning. This example came from Soft Surroundings.

So anyway, I went shopping after class since I was already in a part of town with two liquidation sales I wanted to check out. One of the local JoAnn's stores is closing, it's smaller than their newer stores and the strip mall where it's located has become run-down so not worth an expansion. I picked up some tools for the sewing room, some supplies, and some patterns. They had BMV on sale 4 for a dollar, so how could I resist?

Vogue 1250: yes, late to the party for this one. But it's been very popular on the blogosphere so I had to nab it.

Vogue 1244: you know, I like Koos in concept but I often find the execution bizarre. I can't say I'm wild about the envelope styling but the basic "bones" of the pattern are good. Love the cowl shell. I think it could be quite elegant in a different fabric. Same with the skirt--not loving the piecing but the shape could be nice.  We'll see. For a quarter, it was worth taking a chance.

McCall's 6112: a simple little knit dress that might work for an upcoming event.

Vogue 8722: is a belt pattern. I can never seem to find RTW belts that I like so I might try my hand at custom.

Butterick 5144: a classic vintage style jacket. I love the draping in the back.

Vogue 8486: a basic little dress with pleat details.

The pattern area was busy, so excuse me for a little ranting here. When at a liquidation sale, do not linger, grab what you're interested and go. You can always put back later. Yes, I got behind one of "those" people, and it was annoying. She lingered over each drawer and positioned herself so no one else could look with her--on each of 4 drawers in the cabinet. Some people.

I went to Borders' liquidation after that, but it was depressing. I didn't have the heart to seriously pick the bones. I ended up with a few magazines, a couple of candle jars, and a 2012 calendar. And checkout person, you don't have to tell me 4 times that all sales are final. Your employer's troubles have been all over the news, and there are big LIQUIDATION--ALL SALES FINAL signs all over the store. It's obvious, ok?

I had more plans after leaving Borders but it was so hot that I headed home. What a runaround day! I'm glad I don't over-schedule like that on a regular basis.


Mary said...

4/$1.00! score! And thank you for the mini rant on people who are oblivious to others. I am all too aware of those people lately...they all seem to come out at once, lie mosquitoes.

Mary Beth said...

I picked up that Koos with the exact same thoughts, Nan. But every time I look at the photo I get a pain in my tummy!

Hoping to see some of these sewn up esp that 8722

KayY said...

Four for a DOLLAR??? Wow, what a sale! It's probably a good thing Vogue never get below $6 here. I'd have to move! Please make the Koos cowl. I love it!

gwensews said...

I LOVE fabric flowers. Maybe you'll find a use for them in a most unexpected place--gloves, bags, hats, belts, shoes, scarves.