Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad Blogger!

...meaning yours truly, not the Blogger platform. I seem to be one of the few that seldom has any issues  with it. I think it's due to having an Apple. Anyway, yes, it is me who's been a bad blogger this month. Only 4 posts, and mighty slim on pictures.

Sometimes it's just that way, folks. September and October are busy months in ABQ, even though I didn't attend the State Fair or Fiesta de Santa Fe, and it's unlikely that I'll be at Balloon Fiesta. I was out of town this month at DH's army reunion in Las Vegas and I've had weekend classes. You know about the ribbon class, but DH also signed me up for a women's gun safety class. He's still working on me to take a motorcycle class--that would be a no, sweetie.

I actually did sew something this month, TSW Mimosa Pants. I even wore them to work. Meh. Not my favorite so I'll be setting them aside. I have a pair of TSW Quincy Pants cut and ready to go--I think the styling is a bit more current than the Mimosa, with narrower legs. So hopefully, results on that soon.

The container garden is still putting forth tomatoes, basil and mint although all of the plants are looking rather worse for wear. Especially the tomato plant, which looks like a weed. However, it does have 5 or 6 tomatoes on it so I'll keep watering it as long as it keeps producing.

OK that's about it for now. Thanks for reading and I'll try to be a better blogger going forward.


shams said...

You might be right about blogger. I have a Mac too and don't really have problems!

BetsyV said...

Nancy I think you should take the motorcycle class. I did, years ago, and even though I've never had my own, it made me a much better passenger.