Monday, July 4, 2011

A Long Weekend and a Wadder

Independence day weekend is here, and an extra day off comes with it! DH and I are staying in town, what with fires up North. I've been sewing a bit, although the ending of the Casey Anthony trial has sucked us both in.

First up was another pair of linen TSW Hudson Pants that I cut out last Sunday at Material Girls. This pair was made of beige linen and a bit shorter than the others. When I laid out the pattern, I didn't have quite enough fabric. I was able to "make it work" by folding out 4" of length, so these are more like capri pants than the others. I got them finished Saturday afternoon. Then I wore them Sunday and hated them--much baggier looking than previous pairs. Even after tweaking the fit Sunday afternoon, I still don't like how they look. Into the donation bag they go!

So here's the lesson learned--fabric choice. I used a linen, which I've used before for this pattern. However, this particular piece was heavier and stiffer than the others, causing it to be a bad choice for this style of pant. Oh well. At least I know what not to do with the other, similar piece I have. It will be used for table linens vs. garments. DH loves heavy cloth napkins, and they'll be perfect for that. I hate having a wadder, but the fabric was an ASG acquisition, meaning free or near free. It still bugs to have nothing to show for limited sewing time, though. KWIM?

I think I'll give the pattern a little rest, although I'll continue making warm weather clothes for a while yet. The weather doesn't seriously cool down until late October and sometimes later. Next up is another version of the Cutting Line Designs Pure and Simple Shell. This will be the third one I've made. I also cut it out at Material Girls.


Mary said...

Hi Nancy, too bad about those pants, but good luck for someone shopping the thrift stores. :-) I'm happy to visit your blog again-Blogger dropped you off my list for awhile. Now you are back!

Martha said...

It's a shame the Hudson pants didn't work with this fabric. Thanks for the warning! I made my first pair of Hudson pants out of some Japanese cotton from Louise Cutting. I love them and plan to make another pair, this time out of a linen/rayon blend. I'm hoping it has sufficient drape. I also like your idea of linen napkins. Thanks!

sdBev said...

Oh I'm so sorry to read about the wadder. It really isn't easy to match pattern and fabric. Please Bounce Back! You've shown so many other fabulous garments. Don't let this one experience get you down.

theresa said...

Nan, wadders must be catching. I've had two in the past two weeks and had to resort to pulling out a TNT just to get my confidence back.

We are finally getting rain on some of our fires so it will hopefully head your way and douse some of yours. I've got the Hudson pattern but have yet to make it up so I will note the comments on the fabric. JoAnn's had some likely linen at a smoking hot price for their Fourth of July sale.