Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sewing for a Higher Power, Part Four

Yay, sewing this weekend! I finished another chasuble yesterday; this one matches all of the green stoles I made last fall. This one was a quick project: I ordered the silk dupioni last Saturday, received it Thursday, laundered and cut it on Friday, then sewed it up on Saturday.

It'll be worn today as St. Michael's returns to "ordinary time" on the liturgical calendar. This one, and the orange/gold one, are designed for New Mexico--natural fiber and no lining to mitigate our desert heat. The wrong side is finished with French seams and the neck is faced with cotton. The hem was just double turned and topstitched.

I ended up buying this second piece of silk from Satin Moon, the same place that the stole fabric came from. It's an exact match, a feat when you consider that this project began last July. They're definitely not an internet store, but once I got them on the phone they did an excellent job. I'll be writing another post soon about my dupioni research. I've ordered many swatches from several sources, so maybe my efforts will be useful to someone else.

I still have some stoles to make from the orange/gold silk, but I have a couple of months until they'll be needed. I'll post on them when I get back in vestment production mode in August. In the meantime, I'll be sewing stuff for me! The Material Girls group is meeting this afternoon, so I'm taking more projects to lay out and cut.

The tomato plant is still valiantly surviving after being beaten about by a windstorm and dealing with the dry, hot weather we've been having. It even has one tiny tomato so far:

I think there will be others soon, the plant developed several flowers all at once. But look at how crispy some of those leaves are!


shams said...

That is one gorgeous shade of green. It's funny because Satin Moon is in my "back yard" but it wouldn't have been the first place I would have gone for dupioni. I look forward to hearing the results of your research.

Martha said...

I look forward to learning all about your research on silk dupioni. Thanks.