Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garden Update

Here's how it looks after a month+. Today I moved the pots to a sunnier location in hopes of some additional growth. I think the Arizona fires have slowed things down a bit here in Albuquerque. We're losing a lot of our afternoon sun as the wind shifts and the smoke plume drifts eastward.

I did a little bit of sewing this weekend, a dark blue linen pair of TSW Hudson Pants. This time I skipped the leg darts, so these have a wider profile at the hem than before. I'm thinking this pattern would be great as a regular pair of pull-on pants if lengthened just a bit to full length. They're not excessively roomy and wide-legged as so many pull-on pant patterns tend to be. 

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I've worn the latest TSW Mixit and Loes Hinse Tango skirt, and both were fine after 8+ hours of wear.  

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Mary said...

I love container gardening as it is so much more convenient for those of us who live in dry climates. I noticed that the skies are smokey in your picture-please don't overexert. We had 3 summers in a row of fires in the Northwest.