Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Weekend Getaway and Some Sewing

Normally, we wouldn't take two getaways so close together, but DH got 3rd row tickets to Jay Leno for my birthday. The show was at the newest of the luxury Indian casinos in the area, Buffalo Thunder, so we were on the road for a quick overnight visit. Buffalo Thunder is just north of Santa Fe in Pojoaque, one of the major pueblos in the area. Very nice! The casino part was actually tucked away from the restaurants and ballroom, so minimal smoke and clanging bells, a nice improvement IMO. In addition to the show, we had dinner at a wonderful restaurant on the property, Red Sage. The resort is full of Native American art from all the tribes in the area, with many contemporary and traditional pieces.

Because we didn't leave until Saturday afternoon, I had some time to do some sewing! Both projects were cut during the last Material Girls meeting in May--so you see, I actually do stuff other than collect fabrics there!

I made the Loes Hinse Tango Skirt Friday evening. It was my first project ever with Slinky. Yeah, I realize that particular fabric fad is over, but I love the colors in this print from Emma Seabrooke. It wasn't really hard to sew with, just weird. I've made this pattern a bunch of times so it's an easy one for me. I ended up shortening it from the top about 3" after trying it on, so it hits me right below the knee. No hemming on this one, just a raw edge at the hem.

Saturday morning's garment was another TSW Mixit Tank. I made it from some polyester that was left over from another project I made several years ago.

The original garment is long gone, but I still have the cardigan that went with it. Now I have a sort-of twin set that I can wear to work.

Sorry for the hanger pictures, but I'm not photo-ready right now and Ms. Acme is on loan to the ASG. She was used at the Fiber Art Fiesta last weekend for display purposes. 


Janine said...

your new outfits look good
Oh and thanks for showing your fabric haul - very lucky - this would be the equivalent of winning the lottery for me .

Terri K said...

Love your slinky skirt. Beautiful colors too. Hadn't thought of slinky for the Tango but I may have to give it a try Thanks for all the inspiration from your sewing weekend Nancy!

Duchesse said...

I've always liked the drape and swish of slinky but didn't know it came in such pretty patterns. great skirt!