Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime

It's cooled down and breezy enough to write out here on the back patio this afternoon. 91 degrees is positively temperate compared with the triple digits we've been experiencing lately. Yes, it's a dry heat and all that, but enough is enough. Supposedly there will be storms tonight, a rare event for us. Let's hope so. We've been enjoying the patio in the evenings once the sun starts setting. Computers and iPads are very convenient for enjoying music and twilight reading outside. We'll be adding some solar lights soon so we can use even more of our outdoor space. And for the fall, a fire pit--once I borrow a truck so I can get it over here. Sometimes I really miss my little Hyundai Santa Fe.

I had a chance to spend several productive hours in the Sewing Cave this weekend. I made another version of Louise Cutting's Pure and Simple Shell, remade a failed sundress into a  skirt, and even traced off Loes Hinse's Tank Dress pattern.

Here's the shell. The colors will work for different seasons. I have a few cardigans that'll coordinate nicely with it, so this one is mainly for the office. I do need an olive pair of pants, though.

And the skirt.

This one was originally a sundress that I made for last winter's trip to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, I hated it and was tired of trying to make it work as a dress. So yesterday, I removed the elastic, cut it off at the armholes and converted it into a longish summer skirt. And of course, it took longer to remake than to make it from scratch, but that's the nature of remakes, isn't it? That stupid dress had an incredible amount of ease even with my previous efforts at narrowing it down. I ended up taking out another 2 3/4" of ease, and it's still has a flowy fit. But at least I have something I can wear now, because I do like the fabric. I eventually want to make another dress in this style, but I have other patterns that'll work better, including a favorite nightgown (!) pattern that I could modify. Butterick 5225, you are dead to me.

The container garden is doing well. I'm watering just about every day. Several tomatoes have developed, still green though. You can see peek of them with the Pure and Simple Shell, above. The basil and the mint are ready for sampling. I also acquired squash and bean plants from a neighbor who's in the process of moving to South Carolina next month. Talk about hot!


gwensews said...

Pretty top, and a nice refashion of a skirt! The temperature though-nah, don't love that so much!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

"Butterick 5225, you are dead to me."

LOL, there are a few patterns that are dead to me. I know the feeling. Love the shell--very versatile and as you said season-neutral so it can be worn all year.

Duchesse said...

Such a pretty shell. You have a lot of patience, I would just have donated the sundress.