Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Jewelry Exchange Experience

My church recently held a fund-raiser for the new wing that was completed last year. We're still raising money to pay off the construction loan, and a couple of the parishioners came up with the idea of a jewelry exchange. Clear out the jewelry box of things you no longer want, bring it to the event, and pick up other things that are new to you. Also wine and potluck snacks while you shop. All this for a donation to the building fund.

I brought a sack full of items, including loose beads, earrings, necklaces, and some books on jewelry-making.

I ended up bringing home a sack full of new things.


Bracelets and a watch:

I've been wanting an antique gold/brass watch. Yay!


It's obvious I'm a cat person, isn't it?

Earrings and charms:

Yes, lots of crosses. But what do you expect at a church event? I got several sterling pieces, always popular here in the Southwest. Also jade, cloisonne and some brand names as well.  I gathered up quite a bit, but there was plenty to go around for everyone. The leftover pieces were donated to the local humane society thrift store.

I hope the fundraiser was successful. I know I was generous because I was able to pick up so many nice things and had such a fun time socializing.


Duchesse said...

What fun! No doubt you will separate the wheat from the chaff, but even a few prizes are ample reward. I gave away shopping bags of jewelry when I moved, to a church sale. I now fantasize about returning to my old city and seeing someone wearing something.

Anonymous said...

In the photo of the necklaces,the fourth item from the left is a rosary, not a necklace.

NancyDaQ said...

Yes Anonymous, I know. I thought about noting the picture but decided not to. And there's also a Miraculous Medal in with the bracelet photo.