Saturday, January 15, 2011


I had plans to pose for pictures in the Marcy Tilton jackets today, but umm, change of plans. DH and I were using the tripod to take a self portrait with our cars (long story), and when we were done, I somehow tripped and took a face plant onto the pavement! I have scrapes on my nose, cheekbone, forehead and hands. Thankfully, no serious damage!!

Needless to say, I'd rather heal up a little! So I'll take some pictures of the new coat on Ms. Acme over the weekend. It came out really cute.


The Hojnackes said...

I'm sad to hear that you fell! I was so excited to see your jacket. :( I guess I'll just have to wait! Hopefully you heal quickly.

Teddylyn said...

Ouch! Please take care of yourself and rest and recover!

Lynda in LV

shams said...

OWWWW, indeed!!

gwensews said...

Oh, no! Hope you heal fast!