Monday, January 10, 2011

JAM 1, Vogue 8676, View B--Complete!

I put the finishing touches on this jacket today, so I thought I'd share some quick photos. Rest assured, I'll be modeling it in a future blog post so you can see what it looks like on a person. However, it turned darn cold here in New Mexico overnight, so I was in no mood for modeling today. 
If I do say so myself, I did an awesome job of pattern matching across the front. You can barely see the center opening. The pattern called for functioning buttons and buttonholes, but I didn't want to take that on, especially with a bulky collar right above the first one. Which is not to say you can't sew buttonholes in fleece--I've done it before, just chose not to this time. So there are large snaps underneath the buttons. I also added a fourth closure to the front. The pattern only specifies 3, with the last one hitting at waist level. Really? That doesn't make much sense to me. 
Like most of Marcy Tilton's designs, this one features some atypical sewing techniques. For example, the cuffs feature the raw selvedges of the fabric. The sleeve overlaps a portion of the cuff piece, then both sides of the overlap are edgestitched together.
The pattern instructions specify a raw edge for the sleeve edge.  I don't particularly like the raw edges of fleece, so I finished it off with 3 thread serging. 
I also used 3 thread serging to finish off the collar. The instructions tell you to spray baste the 2 collar pieces together, then stitch 1/2" from the edges all the way around. Again, I don't like those raw fleece edges.
Once the collar is assembled, its edges are lapped over the neck seam, then you sew a line of stitching 1/2" from the lower collar edge. 

Even though it's another black garment, I agree with sdBev-JoplinJacket, who commented:
grey and black are the colors we use when projecting sophistication or a certain sexy something. Enjoy your greys. They can say more about you. 

It does look sophisticated, and even kind of cheerful with the art nouveau poppies.

I did enjoy making this pattern, enough that I pulled out another piece of the double faced wool jersey that I used for these projects last winter. The piece I'll use for that version is turquoise aqua and black.


Gorgeous Things said...

That looks beautiful!

gwensews said...

Fabulous jacket! You are the pattern matching queen!

Carole said...

Really cute and looks very cozy!

sdBev-JoplinJacket said...

I commented at Stitchers Guild, but this is so fabulous it deserves 2 comments. Your pattern matching is impecable. I don't like the raw edges either and often use the same finishing, 3-thread serger edge.

Linda T said...

Love the way this looks!