Friday, January 7, 2011

Vogue 8676, View B, Marcy Tilton Jacket

I finally got started on my first jacket for the Jacket a Month Sewalong on Stitcher's Guild.  I'm working on View B, which is the one without the circular motifs.

As it happened, I had a piece of polar fleece that I've been saving for quite a while (2003!), and it's perfect for the pattern. It's a floral, like on the pattern envelope, but neutral colors of black, gray and cream. It seems like I'm sewing and wearing a lot from that color palette lately--probably reflects my mood these days. Hmm.

Like many of Marcy's patterns, the sewing techniques are "different"--lapped seams, raw edges and exposed selvedges. While remaining true to the spirit of the jacket, I've finished it off a little bit more than she specifies, basically because I don't think raw edges on fleece are all that attractive. However, the jacket is easy sewing. Between last night and a little time this morning, it's almost done.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

It will be interesting to see your version of this jacket since I used it to knock off my JJill vest!

sdBev-JoplinJacket said...

We sometimes associate grey with depressed moods, but don't forget grey and black are the colors we use when projecting sophistication or a certain sexy something. Enjoy your greys. They can say more about you. And I'll be looking forward to seeing your version of this jacket. I've almost bought the pattern twice. Her patterns are truly unique, but I'm not that avant garde and definely living in fashionista h@!!

Duchesse said...

Oh, hope you will model... such a relaxed yet elegant jacket.