Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TSW Now Shirt and Kwik Sew Cardigan: Done at Last!

A partially frustrating day yesterday--I pulled out the Christmas decorations and discovered that the "pre-lit" Christmas tree would not light. And on top of that, I ended up with several scratches on my hands and forearms from wrestling with the stupid thing. Ultimately, I decided there would be no tree this year. In the future, yes, but not in 2010. DH isn't a big "tree" person, and I don't feel like spending the money on it because I'm still not working. As a result, the old tree is in its box on the curb waiting for today's charity pickup. The house still looks festive for the season with the remaining decorations, so no worries there.

DH came home exhausted from work and decided to go to bed early, giving me the opportunity to work on the Now Shirt and Kwik Sew cardigan. I had made the buttonholes over the weekend--thanks for your encouragement for helping me to power through!! Many samples later, I used the automatic buttonholer on the BabyLock Audrey. It worked surprisingly well for both garments, considering that it's  a relatively inexpensive little machine and the fabrics were so different.  Last night, I cut open the buttonholes and attached the buttons--there are 5 on the cardigan and 5 on the shirt, so a lot of button sewing! Well, that's one of the reasons we have TV, right?

Photos later--


Little Hunting Creek said...

Lucky for me I have lots of helpers for decorating! You don't need a tree to have the house look pretty. We are decorating this weekend and putting the guests to work :)

Cheryl Designs said...

I must say....EVERYONE I have chatted to..strangers AND customers alike... Vote NO NO NO on pre-lit Christmas trees. They SEEM to be a GREAT idea :) Well WORTH the $$$$$$. In the REAL WORLD.... The lights do NOT last for more than one season...you are LUCKY if you get TWO Christmas seasons from one of those trees.It's difficult to remove the OLD-DEAD light strands from them.. Sad to say..stick to a fake tree and put your OWN lights on it....A real tree is also great :) MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE :)