Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSW Now Shirt, Version 2

I've planned to make another Now Shirt ever since the last one I made in early 2009. I finally got started with Version 2 on Saturday afternoon. It's still in progress, but mostly done.

This one is made out of charcoal gray gauze. It's an extremely wiggly and ravelly polyester that's been in the stash since 2001. However, it worked up well in spite of all that. In retrospect, I probably should have just punted the French seams called for in the pattern instructions because they required so much handling, which made the raveling worse. Note to self: serging is a perfectly acceptable seam finish when faced with this type of fabric! Really, it's ok.

I need to pick up some buttons and more thread before proceeding with the front closures. You'd think with all the buttons I have, something would work--but no! Nothing really works for me the way I want it to. I envision this shirt as being a showcase for accessories--necklaces, scarves, etc.--so I want really plain buttons that won't compete. Worse comes to worst, I'll make covered buttons with the fabric that's left, but what I really have in mind is charcoal mother of pearl or even similar man-mades.


shams said...

Yes, serging IS ok!!! :)

Very nice! It is an elegant version of the Now top.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Serging is always ok. And when I do French seams, they're serger French seams. Just take the first pass (fabric wrong side to wrong side) with the serger. A million times easier than doing with the sewing machine and then having to trim away the allowance.

gwensews said...

You always sell me on those those independent patterns! What a nice shirt!

Marie-Christine said...

Who said serging wasn't OK? Are you kidding? And it was invented for squirelly, ravelly fabrics, so in this case it's the most appropriate medium.

Carol in Denver said...

I believe I like your Now shirt better than any others I've seen. Perhaps that ravelly, gauzy fabric is what the shirt looks best in.