Thursday, November 18, 2010

The New TSW Now Shirt Continues, Plus

I went to Joann's Wednesday afternoon on a button hunt. I found nothing on the sizable LaMode and JHB displays--everything was too ornate, too shiny, or too light. In other words, exactly what I didn't want for this project. I was getting ready to leave and head towards Hancock's when I noticed the tiny Slimline rack, where I found a couple of likely candidates--dark gray faux mother of pearl and matte-textured black buttons. Each card of 6 cost a whopping $1.00. And the winner is--the black! The texture and color blend well with the charcoal shirt, so I'll be making buttonholes, attaching buttons and wrapping up this project soon.

Yesterday, I had some errands to run near Anthropologie. I like their quirky vibe, although the prices are higher than I care for. I found a couple of things I liked well enough to try on. I talked myself out of these pants--although they were cute and well-fitting, I don't need linen right now.

I took a couple of cell phone pictures for the details, which may appear on a project later on. I bought this sweater:

It got mostly bad reviews on the Anthropologie website, but it appealed to me. I'll be wearing it with skinny legged pants. The maroon ruffle at the lower edge is actually a separate layer that wraps around from the back. The cardigan layer is only the front and sleeves.

I saw some other items that I liked but just as inspiration. I don't need to be buying a lot of new clothes when I have a closet full and a stash besides.

This year's Threads archive DVD was in the mail when I got home. It's not just the supplement, it's every issue, but it had a special price if you purchased it last year. A couple of things have been fixed. For example, I can now print pages if I want to. I had a fun time looking through it last night--a different experience than leafing through the actual back issues, but satisfying to be able to quickly search and then bookmark favorite articles.


Sharon said...

I almost bought that sweater also! I don't have any skinny legged pants yet which is one reason I didn't buy it. How do you like it?

NancyDaQ said...

I confess that I haven't worn it yet but it's hanging up where I can see it. I don't forget that it's available!