Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TSW Urban Pants Questions

I've had a couple of questions about the Urban Pants that I just posted about.

meredithp commented: These look really nice-I like the seam down the front. Any reason you haven't done the button/tab thing?

I haven't done the detail because I thought it might not look so great on a full length pant. The Urban Pants design is cropped. Plus, I didn't see making ventilated pants now that the weather is getting cold. Someday I'll get around to making the cropped ones and take the time for it.

also commented: Recently having 2 disasters in a row with SW patterns, I wonder if these run true to size?

I'm not exactly sure what "true to size" means with respect to patterns. I mean, people's bodies vary a lot and so do their fit preferences.

I remember the first time I made the Plaza Pants, which are based on the same block. It was at a Sewing Workshop Getaway in 2007. Based on my (then) weight, Linda Lee recommended cutting out a Large. Linda likes her clothes to have an easy fit (like Eileen Fisher), but I knew how I am, so Linda was able to show me how to make the Medium work for me with a couple of minor fitting tweaks. The fit was OK, not perfect, but improved when I got them home and shortened the crotch seam by taking off the waistband, trimming the top of the pants, sewing it back on. I'm still basing my pants on a Medium even though my weight has creeped up a little bit--I've only had to make some minor adjustments to make them work. Plus, I still think I can lose 5-7 pounds.

Still with me? My conclusion is that these pants are true to my size. Your mileage may vary, but these do not seem to be designed to be overly loose fitting. I like them.

And I like the front seam too. Not exactly princess seam pants, but I do like the vertical line. Not as distinctive as the Plaza Pants with the big pleat down the front, and the seam also provides extra opportunities for fit. I'm planning on morphing this pattern into a version of the Valencia Pants, again the same block, but in a one-seam version.


Terri K said...

Great post Nancy. Since I love my Plaza pants, I cut the same size for the Urban pant. Too many women "overfit" their pants, which is not flattering. I appreciate the proper amount of ease that makes a pant hang from the hip and not hug my butt, hips and thighs - UGH. On this pattern I also eliminated the front vent, facing and tab for a sleek look.

meredithp said...

I hadn't thought about the cropped vs. full length issue. And yes, I suppose it will be winter someday, somewhere :-)

I do love that tab detail. I'll try it in the spring...probably not on a SW pattern. I don't seam to have good luck with them myself. And they are SO expensive! IMO of course.