Monday, October 25, 2010

TSW Urban Pants, Versions 2 and 3

I've been feeling the need to wear long pants. It's been warm enough to wear cropped some days, but it no longer seems right. And I don't feel like wearing "work" pants at home; that doesn't seem right either. I could get away with wearing jeans all the time, but I want some variety. As a result, I've made up some pants that bridge casual and work so I have something to wear while gainfully unemployed.

This pair was made from a mini black and navy check suiting that's been in the stash since 2006. According to my records, it's a poly/rayon blend. Even after cutting out the pattern, I have several yards left, so you're probably going to see it again, in some other form.

I've made up this pattern before so it moved along pretty quickly. I actually completed them at mid-month but I'm a little behind in blogging my sewing projects. Like the last pair I made, these are full-length without the slit/facing/button and loop featured on the original pattern. I've also played around with the fit a little bit, adding 1/8" to each of the center front seams and making a slight adjustment to the center back seam. Actually, this is the same adjustment I made to the Plaza Pant pattern, but the basic draft is the same for both patterns so it works for Urban Pants too.

I just finished up another pair this morning. I used a similar fabric for these in camel/black mini houndstooth. The fabric is similar to the black and navy I used on the other pair, but a slightly heavier weight.

I really like TSW's Plaza/Urban/Valencia pants for me. I think I could use a pair in olive, then I'll be set with pants for a while.


Mary said...

Nancy, these are great! I love the front seam and the overall simplicity of the pant. Recently having 2 disasters in a row with SW patterns, I wonder if these run true to size?

meredithp said...

These look really nice-I like the seam down the front. Any reason you haven't done the button/tab thing?

Duchesse said...

That seam is the little detail that makes the difference. How do you like being "gainfully unemployed"?