Saturday, June 12, 2010

The BIG Project: Progress

I've been working on the My Hearts a Flutter top and the Vogue 2637 skirt today.

On the top, I assembled the bodice and lining, then attached them together with machine basting at the neckline and armholes. The beading on the mesh intersected some of the basting lines, so I used my jewelry pliers to crush the bugle beads that were in the way--I think this tip came from Phillis (CoudreMODE) or Ann (Gorgeous Fabrics). I can't remember exactly. It's helpful to know this, since cutting the stitching can unravel the rest of the beads. Crushing keeps the remaining beading from unravelling since the stitches stay in place. I cut the sequins off and left their stitching in place as well.

I had to adjust the lower edge of the bodice where I had hand basted the mesh and silk twill before. I think this was the result of allowing the fabric "sandwich" to hang on the dress form for a few days combined with the machine basting of all the layers together. No problem, I have it repinned and will machine baste the lower edges together later before attaching the lower band pieces.

I'm thinking of adding a layer of silk organza to underline the lower band. I like the way it gave the skirt a little more heft, and it will hide hand stitches needed for finishing as well.

I mentioned that the skirt lining was too long in yesterday's post. Now that I've had a day to ponder, I think I must have made an error in drafting the the lining pattern pieces, since the excess is an even amount all the way around the skirt. Another easy fix since the skirt has virtually no waist shaping. I just removed the machine basting at the waist and moved up the lining about an inch. Then I'll re-baste and trim before attaching the waistband/casing. No need to re-do the vent, thank goodness.

Speaking of the vent, here's a look at it since I didn't include a photo in yesterday's post.

The flash created some strange effects, but this one is the best of several attempts. The lining fabric doesn't shadow through like it appears here.

I would have done a little more today but I had to clean the iron. It was starting to leave small marks on the reverse of the fabric and I realized there was quite a bit of residue on the sole plate. Fortunately, the marks came off and there were none on the public side of either garment.

I'm not sure if this looks like a lot of progress to anyone but me. However, I can tell that the ensemble is moving forward!

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Duchesse said...

My heart is my throat reading this. Whew!