Sunday, June 13, 2010

The BIG Project: Further...

I worked on My Hearts a Flutter again today, attaching facings to the neckline and armholes. No more raw edges, except on the lower edge! This is good. Using the mesh required a change in the pattern's construction, which specified top stitching the facings in place. More sporty than the look I'm going for, plus you can't exactly sew through beads and sequins. So I'm tacking the facings down at the seams and a couple of other spots along the facing edges--just enough to keep them from flopping out and keeping them invisible.

One more section to go on the top, the lower band, then it will be done. And all the skirt lacks is the waistband casing, and it's done.

In other wedding news, 2 pairs of ivory satin sandals have been ordered from Zappo's and are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I already purchased a different pair locally, but obviously I'm not totally in love with them.

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gwensews said...

You must be getting anxious for your wonderful day. Looking forwar to seeing your beautiful, finished garment.