Thursday, April 29, 2010

You've got me thinking of a blouse...

Duchesse recently wrote in her blog about tailored blouses, and I commented:
Tailored blouses are problematic--yes, there's the fit issue but I also have a hard time with the maintenance they require. Even if you have them laundered, they still require touch ups before wearing. I'm tiring of knitwear too, but I'm not certain tailored blouses are the remedy for me.
Of course, that got me thinking of tailored blouses and why I don't wear them--sloth, gaposis, fear of ironing? Then Duchesse responded to my comment with this observation:
Nancy: From what I have seen of your sewing, you prefer more relaxed styles. Tailored blouses are more formal- but you have the skills to make them!
Hmm, interesting. I hadn't really thought that was the image I was projecting from my humble blog. IRL, especially at work, I do tend to a more classic, tailored look, but most of those clothes are RTW. Classic takes more time and precision than I have right now, and I've been focusing on fun, nonwork sewing projects. Face it, my wardrobe has a split personality!

I actually have a prototype blouse in the sewing closet, this one that I blogged about several years ago. I never wore it much, probably a function of the fabric I used and a little extra weight that I was carrying at the time.

However, the basic lines of the pattern are good and there are plenty of styling options. I think I'll pull this one out and consider revisiting it. After all, I've already done the hard work of altering the pattern. A blouse would be a nice thing to wear for a change.


Duchesse said...

Tailored Nancy is a person I have not met but I'll bet she looks great.

Sleeve length on main photo makes my arms look poochier than they are. Odd that sleeveless looks better, and of course bracelet length is chic. Like the neckline and the princess seams. Oh and could I have covered buttons?

Kathi said...

I tend to like a lot of dressy clothing, but I don't like blouses. I think they are uncomfortable. I have tried to wear them, but there is just something about the fabric. I have just gotten one from Talbots that I haven't worn yet - it is a lightweight wrinkle free fabric that seems like it might be okay. I have never seen fabric like it for sale, though. I have high hopes, but I know that ultimately I am not going to like it as much as I like other types of shirts! I accepted my dislike of blouses years ago. Unfortunately, the past two years or so people have begun making blouses with cuter printed fabric!!!!!!!

Mardel said...

Oh, I have that pattern and I was just looking at it, thinking about blouses. You'll get yours done first though.

I find it interesting that the clothes you wear at work are different from the clothes you sew. It is not surprising necessarily because I used to fit that pattern, but I am always intrigued by the different sides of ourselves we present at different times and places.