Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TSW Black and Cream Collection: Q and A

Duchesse asked if I planned to wash my Ikina jacket:

I always machine prewash and dry any yardage that comes into my house, so I know this linen will hold up to the washing machine. In addition, the jacket I'm making is an unstructured style, so there are no internal structural parts to be ruined by water. So yes, I'll be washing it, albeit occasionally and on the gentle cycle. I'll probably hang to dry though.

Terri K wanted to know how I liked the fit of my Trio Pants:

I've worn them 3 times now and they're wearable, but I think I'll be making some tweaks on the next pair. I made a straight medium and I think a small would have been better. The crotch is about 1" lower than I'd like and I'd like to remove about 1.25" of ease. DF commented that they make me look a little zaftig. For once, he did not volunteer his opinion and only made the comment after I mentioned there was too much fabric. Dear Boy is learning.

Easy enough to try again. The next ones will not have the pockets so they will be easier to test. Although not related to fit, black is not really workable for me. These aren't "corporate" enough for work and wearing them at home is problematic with a white cat.

BTW, it seems like we have similar tastes!

gwensews asked if I lengthened the Ikina Jacket.

No, it's almost straight out of the envelope. The only changes were to cut the neck and shoulder areas Small and armscye through torso in Medium.

Thanks to everyone for all the compliments!! In my opinion, the Ikina was successful because it had drape. It fits like a sweater even though it's made of woven. I also sized down in the neck/shoulder area to fine tune the fit. I liked the basic jacket style and will probably work with it some more in the future.

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Duchesse said...

Thanks, I love what happens as linen, genlty washed, softens and releases some of the fibers. SO many women try to keep their linen from wrinkling (ha!) or do not buy it for that reason. But the point of linen is that lovely soft creased natural look.