Sunday, July 19, 2009

TSW Black and Cream Collection: Trio Pants

The Trio Pants in action on the upper level of the Albuquerque Convention Center. Gotta love that sun!


gwensews said...

These are all terrific photos of your garments. I love that Ikana jacket. Now I want to make it-have had the pattern for some time. Can't wait to read about the conference and all the new and cool stuff in sewing land!

Mardel said...

Love the pictures of the garments. Now I am much more intrigued b that Ikina jacket. You are inspiring me to make one.

Duchesse said...

I love the ease of that jacket, feminine but not fussy, relaxed but not sloppy. Guess you have to reach your level of skill and design to make this, sigh. You look beautiful in such an effortless way!