Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ASG Conference Vendors: Buttons and Fabrics

Face it, one of the reasons people go to conferences is to acquire interesting items. Sewers being an acquistive bunch, there was plenty of activity in the vendor area. And when your local shopping choices are limited, well, ya know...

Without further ado, here's the first group of acquisitions:

These lovely cobalt ceramic buttons were at a booth occupied by two lovely potters from Waco, Texas, MudButtons and Barbara Francis Pottery. I hope they made some good contacts, as they were nice ladies who had some nice items for sale. Hopefully I'll have some links later as they're not on the vendor list.

More ceramic buttons, these are from South Africa. Courtesy of Londa's Creative Threads.

Rayon from LJ Designs, which is one of two sewing businesses owned by Lyla Messinger. The other one is The Sewing Place. We had a nice time catching up with our lives. Years ago, I helped Lyla with her booth at a sewing expo that used to come here.

These two came from Louis Cutting's Cutting Corners. Unfortunately, Louise no longer has a physical store but she continues to bring high quality fabrics to shows. the black geometric is rayon, and the fuschia and orange floral is silky feeling Swiss cotton voile.

These pieces came from Marcy Tilton. The botanical print is cotton/rayon blend with a wonderful soft hand, and the green is ponte knit that I bought for some of Marcy's pants. I also got to try on Marcy's new Vogue jacket, which was absolutely beautiful.

The Sewing Workshop sells fabrics, in case you didn't know. Linda Lee has a wonderful eye for fabrics, and I find her selections difficult to resist. The first is Donna Karan wool and silk; the second is Swiss embroidered linen (hmmm, another orange and fuschia color scheme); blue linen with a woven stripe; green linen with a woven herringbone.

Linda has begun a new program in coordination with Bernina that went over very well at the conference. Called Project Sewing Workshop, they are kits with lengths of fabric and TSW patterns all packaged in a nice heavy gauge plastic zipper bag. This will enable Bernina dealers to carrya variety of garment fabrics without a large investment in bolts. Look for this to be rolled out nationally in the near future. This was the first consumer show and it was a feeding frenzy at the Sewing Workshop booth. I think she was very happy with the response!

There's more, but I'll continue with the rest later since this is already a long post,

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Duchesse said...

If I knew where you live, I would be stalking those linens. I have an irrational love of 1940s-50s pearl buttons, the ones as thick as a dinner plate. Pearl buttons are like jewels to me: found some Chanel ones in a vintage store. Just have them to enjoy.