Thursday, July 23, 2009

ASG Conference Vendors: Miscellaneous

More items purchased from vendors at the Conference:

4 hanks of hand dyed ribbons and stone donuts for jewelry. From Bohemian Element in Washington.

Raggy cat pincushion. I can't help it, I like kitty things. From Cat Brysch Studio in Magdelena, NM.

Fabric flower pin from Stitch in Time in Texas. This booth had lots of Asian silks as well as a few accessories like this one.


goodworks1 said...

Those ribbons and stone donuts are gorgeous. And I also love the fabric pin. I'm totally jealous of your ability to go to this conference AND pick out such neat stuff!

Duchesse said...

How about you come to Toronto for that shawl sale I know about and I meet you in Santa Fe? Wait, I don't sew. Asian silk! Did you buy? Oh how I would love a tunic of that!