Thursday, July 23, 2009

ASG Conference Vendors: Patterns

I bought patterns, too. ASG is always a good opportunity to buy patterns because the vendors have samples and you can actually see what they will look like when made up.

I took two classes with Louise Cutting this year, including a full day of learning techniques and making samples. So I guess you could say that I drank the Koolaid; after experiencing the techniques I wanted to try the patterns they came from.

Left to right: Heading for Adventure, Stars in Heaven, and In the Trenches.

I also picked up a book of adaptations to the One Seam Pants. No I don't have this pattern, but I do have a pants patten with no side seams that I can morph onto. I also got a simple belt pattern from Louise, which is basically a contoured obi. I've seen pictures of this on, and it really looks good.

The Sewing Workshop typically introduces a pattern at ASG. This year it was MixIt, a set of tops. The tank is the same as the Mission tank from several years ago. Apparently it was a real sleeper. The shirt is a tweaked remake of the Elle. It has been modified for a closer fit, bracelet length sleeves and a smaller collar. I don't recognize the cap sleeve top, so that's a new one.

Shapes is a joint project of Louise Cutting an Linda Lee, after they discovered they both liked the same type of garments and finishes. These are the Eleven Eleven Skirt and the Six Sense Skirt.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love that tank top from the Mission pattern...if it's included in this new pattern...I might take a chance and purchase it.

That's how I have the 2 Sewing Workshop patterns I own, from attending an expo and seeing the garments from the patterns in person.

Glad you are having a good time!

Dotty said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love everything that you bought.
I am attending a sewing retreat i October with Louise and Linda-I think that it will be very hard on my credit card!lol

gwensews said...

You have quite a haul from the conference! Wow. How much fun was that! MI has it's sewing expo coming in October--can't wait!

goodworks1 said...

Did you have a chance to try on any of these garments? I keep hearing about people getting the chance to do so. I have most of those LC patterns and the pants booklet, but so far I'm flying blind about fit and ease on them and so haven't taken the plunge to make any of them.

Is the belt pattern also from Louise?

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Elaine, yes the belt pattern is also from Louise. Thanks for letting me know I wasn't clear.

Duchesse said...

Nancy, I bow before the skill that allows geometry, manual dexterity and aesthetic vision to merge. AND you have fun doing this, wow.