Thursday, January 1, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again

Like many of you, I planned on writing a New Year's Resolution post. I even went back to last year's entry. Well. Let's just say that I can state the same resolutions this year. So I will. As I said last year, this is more a listing of intent. It's not that I didn't accomplish anything in 2008, it's just that I need to keep going in these areas.
  • At work, focus. In 2008, my rationale was because of a management change. The new manager has been place since February, and it's worked out very well. He really does a great job! But as we all know, the economy isn't doing so well right now. Although my company is doing pretty well, performance will be key. For another year, gotta bring the "A" game.
  • Sewing, more of it. I continued to spend for RTW, stash, patterns, and sewing books. I'm not entirely disappointed in the sewing I did in 2008, but I want to continue to have this one on the list. Sewing is a good outlet for me, and since I enjoy it, I need to do it. Plus, I'm running out of space, so I have to reduce the stashes.
  • Health and Fitness. I continued to maintain. However, still lackng in the fitness area. I'm moving the fitness intention into 2009.
  • Financial. Doing better here, too. I'm making use of BillPay to schedule payments, etc. This year will be more about making better financial decisions instead of spending money because I'm bored or whatever.

So there you have it. 2009's intentions. Have a great New Year!


ACorgiHouse said...

Nan, my list isn't out there yet (tonight, likely) but it's quite similar. Here's lifting a glass to a wonderful 2009! Perhaps we'll meet up in NYC or elsewhere for some shopping/stitching mojo exchange! Have a wonderful new year. K

Lindsay T said...

Excellent list! May I borrow it?

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Karen, it would be fun to do a meetup with virtual friends! One thing that's hard about the Land of Enchantment is the travel. I get a bit jealous of the folks back East who can easily zip up and down I-95 and other interstates. But a girl can dream...

Lindsay, of course you can borrow it. It's great how we all share ideas.