Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Draws to a Close

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions.

However, 2007 got a bit out of control at times. I didn't get a lot of things done that I wanted to, sewing among them. So perhaps a few would be helpful for 2008. But let's call them intentions instead--somehow, that has a more positive connotation to me.

  • At work, focus. My mentor and current boss is moving to another department in January, so I'll be working directly for our department head (his boss) for a while. He's known to be a stickler and obsessive about metrics. It will be a challenge. And then there'll be a new boss--hopefully, someone I know but it's not unknown for management to hire from out of state. So in other words, gotta bring the "A" game.
  • Sewing, more of it for starters. I spent a lot of time and money buying RTW, stash, patterns, and sewing books in 2007. Time to turn some of those sewing goodies into garments. I won't be on a fabric/pattern/book fast; however, it wouldn't hurt to be more mindful of what I'm buying. No guilt, you all may know my attitude already, but I don't believe it it. At least where sewing is concerned. I want to be more productive because it's fun and makes me happy!
  • Health and Fitness. This is an area where I actually did accomplish a lot in 2007, dropping down from 155 to 128 (goal is 125!). The fitness part was lacking though, so I'm planning on getting toned up in 2008. After all, I have that wedding to go to in August, and it would be great to look buff in my fabulous designer original!! I'll also be turning 50 in June and I would like to look really good for that.
  • Financial. Too often in 2007, I did my bills in a rush at the last minute. Not good. I have the tools so I need to make better use of them. It's not like I'm procrastinating because I'm broke, I'm procrastinating because...ummm, well, I don't really have a good reason. Sheer inertia.

I think these are good general goals for the year, and achievable. Have a happy and safe New Year everyone, and may your favorite team win (unless your team is playing the Gators, heh heh heh!)


Linda said...

Happy New Year. Enjoy working on your goals, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like your intentions especially the last one...that's me...Last Minute Sally and I need to get much better at it and at saving...'cause I'm not getting any younger!

julia said...

One of the things I love about reading blogs and pattern reviews is the generosity and sharing that seems to be a hallmark of all of them. This time of year, I'm finding that, in sharing resolutions, mine are being written for me! Good luck to you (and me) on these good goals.