Monday, January 7, 2008

Water Update

As I wrote last week, I came back from vacation and discovered my house had no running water. Not good.

Well, due to the weekend and the New Year holiday, I continued to be in this state until January 5. That's 10 days, folks!

Plumber #2 worked on the problem for several hours and came to the same conclusion as Plumber #1: the main line from meter to house is blocked. So he put in a temporary line on the 5th. His crew came on Saturday and dug a huge trench, and they came back today with large tools for more digging and drilling. The new line is in! Tomorrow, new copper pipes will be put into the garage, and hopefully the new hot water heater too. However, the plumber has warned me that the hot water heater might not be finished and I could only have cold water Tuesday evening. Better than no water, but still...

At any rate, I should be back in business by Wednesday evening. What an ordeal!!

And no, I don't know what caused the first line to fail. My house is only vintage 1993, and this will remain one of life's mysteries.

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julia said...

Ugh - this makes my fallen tree from Northern California wind storms seem like a cake walk. Good luck with it - I hope you'll be running hot water again in no time.