Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Have Water Again!

The plumbers have departed and things are getting back to normal. Water is flowing and I'm a happy camper even though I could have done without spending all the money that a major plumbing job entails. Ah well--fortunately, I could make it work, although this spring's landscaping project will be a lot simpler than originally planned.

I did have a couple of extra things done. Since the guys were going to be digging up a lot of shrubs anyway, I had them go ahead and remove all the overgrowth in the side yard. This was going to happen with landscaping anyway, so why do half now and half later? I also upgraded the hot water heater from a traditional style to a tankless. More expensive up front, but it'll save energy in addition to producing a never-ending supply of hot water.

I also have another house project to do--my garage. Never particularly neat, everything got shifted around and it's truly bad now. There's a lot of stuff in there from my last house that no longer suits the new one. (which I've been in for a few years now) All of it needs to go! There are also a lot of old financial records that can be recycled out of my house. My goal is to make enough room so that DBF and I can both park in the garage.

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