Friday, January 2, 2009

Vogue 8430

I've begun working on the first project of 2009, and it's this Marcy Tilton pattern:

At first, I was a little meh about this one. Then I purchased a couple of pieces of double-faced wool jersey from FabricMart. Hmmm, this could work!

I cut out the pattern from the red and black piece tonight, and I'll be sewing it up this weekend. I'm hoping this will be a fairly simple, easy gratification project. Fingers crossed. We'll see.

By the way, Marcy Tilton has posted several examples of this pattern on her website. So if you're interested in this pattern, check it out.

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Faye Lewis said...

Thanks for the AMEN! Girl I'm loving this coat - the fit is perfect which amazed me.

I bought that Marcy Tilton pattern before Christmas and thought I was going to do it in one of those faux suede fabrics, only to find out that the faux suede fabric was not the same texture on both sides. And I threw my hands up when I read the guide sheet and found there are no hems or facings. So I'm still searching for a suitable fabric for the pattern.