Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Review is Done...

At last! I finished it up yesterday afternoon, and now I can veg without guilt. I'm still relaxing with Food Network and HGTV while pondering what the next sewing project is going to be. Another month, another garment.

I'm thinking about finally trying the Sewing Workshop Now shirt. I cut the pattern out a year ago when I was at the Getaway. Maybe it's time to do something with it? From all the pictures on the Sewing Workshop's website, this looks like a nice basic top that could be made over and over.

Of course, the Michelle Obama dress is still waiting patiently to be made. I've cut out the pattern pieces, but I'll need to make some fitting adjustments before proceeding to the actual garment.

On a tangent, DF's sister visited last month for a nursing conference, and I took her and her coworkers on the Sandia Peak tram. She took this picture of me at the base area after we all came back down.

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Bonnie D. said...

That's a great picture of you!