Saturday, September 20, 2008

Armchair Sewing for Fall

I've pulled some patterns that are likely candidates for fall sewing. We'll see how that goes, given my recent track record of almost no sewing. But hope springs eternal, as they say. And with the seasons starting to change, I'm more in the mood.

So, what am I wanting to make?

Well, one thing is Michelle Obama's dress from the convention. This one:

It's been a while since she wore it, but it captured my imagination. I already have a similar pattern, Vogue 8181.

Now I just need to get the fabric--yep, all that stash but nothing I want to use. What I think I want is a doubleknit, something substantial with heft and a bit of stretch. So I'm web shopping to see what I can come up with.

It's more than likely that my dress will turn out looking different from Michelle O's but that's ok. In fact, I like it! So don't be surprised if the dress is a different color with a different neckline, etc. We'll know where the inspiration came from.

The Prada skirt is still on the horizon, I remain in the thinking stage on this one. I don't want it to be a real complex project, but I think I need to test out a couple of skirt patterns before I cut into the lace. I also think, given Liana's experience, that the lace needs to be hung so it can relax.

What else?

Skirts. I live in them, and for me, they're fairly simple projects. I've pulled out several pencil-type skirts to consider. Since they all look similar, I'll hold off on pictures until I've narrowed the choices down.

Tops. Although I like the look of shirts and blouses, mostly I wear knits. It's a good bet that I'll be sewing more of them. Of course, I'll be making this TNT that has been the basis for so many knit tops:

I'd also like to do some more sewing with Loes Hinse patterns, such as the Cowl Top (shown here in the non-cowl view):

And/or the Boatneck Top (shown here in the non boatneck cowl view):

I'm still working out dresses and jackets, so I'll need to post more about them later. I know I'd like to make both, but there are soooo many choices, I really have to narrow them down.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Isn't that always the hard part of a new season...deciding what to make?! I like your choices so far and I think the doubleknit for the Michelle Obama dress is right on the money...did you try Gorgeous Things? She has some amazing doubleknits!

Carole said...

If you find some cute, beefy knits for those Loes Hines' tops, please post on Stitcher's Guild. I've been looking for some online but can't quite find what I want.

La Belette Rouge said...

The blue of that dress looked fantastic on her. Cannot wait to see your dress!