Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catching Up

ETA: a photo of the completed pj's and a slight modification to the accompanying paragraph, since I obviously completed both of them.

The month is over half done and this is the first blog post I've done for September. Ugh!!! That's what happens when you have three major closings in three weeks after returning from vacation (was that already a month ago?). Today I had a pre-scheduled day off, so I'm home. I needed a little hiatus since I've been going to the office on weekends to try and keep up with the work load.

The plumbers should be here in a little while, we're still trying to figure out why the swamp cooler is leaking into the guest bathroom when it runs. The weather is cooler now, so I don't really need it, but we need to get this solved so the hole in the bathroom ceiling can be fixed.

This is one of many projects that need to be done around Casa Flan before I can even think about putting my house on the market. DF continues to negotiate for a move to his side of town (Far NE Heights), even though the real estate market continues to be stagnant around here. Mind you, DF is a renter so he really has no stake in the matter. It would be so much easier if he'd move in with me when his lease runs out, at least for a while. My house is nice and the neighborhood is too, even if it's not his favorite. IMO, if he loves his neighborhood so much, he should have bought a house up there, you know!?!

On the sewing front, I've done a little bit this month. This is the 3rd month in a row that I've made at least one garment for myself, in accordance with PR's garment-a-month challenge. This time I've made yet another couple of pairs of pj pants from that TNT, McCall's 2476. I do them assembly line on the serger, so both are fun prints in shades of yellow. This is where I can play with goofy fun prints that I'd never wear otherwise. I have 2 more cut out but will hold off on them for now. I've got very many pairs already made in cotton and flannel, so I'm set until some wear out.

I also bought another set of Sterilite drawers for the sewing room. I'd really like one more, but Walmart only had 4 on the shelf. I need to see if I can find another one when I'm out and about later today.

I'm not one for fabric moratoriums and such, but I really need to stop for a while. I'm running out of space and it's getting ridiculous. I don't want my sewing room to be a monument to my stash, I want it to be a work room where I can be creative and step away from my professional life for a time. With too much stuff and no place to put it, there's less room for that to happen, in both a mental and physical sense.

Oh, I also want to make sure I give some credit where it's due. A couple of blogger friends have had giveaways on their sites, and I've won stuff! First up, Materfamilias had a book giveaway and I won Simon Doonan's new fashion/style book, Eccentric Glamour. I also liked the card, a pretty abstract of koi? I'd like to hear more about the artist.

Raesha of My Love also had a giveaway, in which she shared a collection of vintage souvenir patches she scored while thrifting. I got this cool Yellowstone Park patch, complete with Old Faithful and a bear! Isn't it great? Another nice card too. Also, thanks for sending along your business card! Since we're both in ABQ, we really should meet up sometime.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I hear you about the fabric accumulation...after somehow managing to cram 68.5 yards into my apt last month...I can proudly say that I am 17 days without a fabric purchase...and I'm just taking it one day at a time! :)

materfamilias said...

Nancy: Thanks for the shout out -- glad you've enjoyed the book. The card's by my friend, Alison Watt, and you can have a peek at her work, if you'd like, at
As well, she's just starting blogging about her sailing adventures as she embarks on a year at sea with her husband.
I can't remember the card precisely, but I suspect it's salmon in a kelp forest rather than koi -- aren't the colours great?

Anonymous said...

Oh how well I know about the stubborn man and real estate. I need some of those cute PJ's!