Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prada Fall 2008

I'm inspired by the Prada lace styles that are making the rounds of all the magazines now, so I decided I should make an "Homage to Prada" skirt for the fall. However, finding the right lace was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. There's nothing beyond Joann's and Hancock's here, and an eBay search didn't yield anything that I absolutely loved.

Then I read Liana's post about the beautiful lace she bought from Lace Mart, so I bought some too.

Actually 2 pieces. This one is E025:

This one is E044. Both photos courtesy of Lace Mart.

Now, I love the green, but it's not quite right for the Prada look. So, I'll be saving it for another project. It really is gorgeous. So the black is my choice for this project, it's not quite as exuberant as the Prada lace, but I also can't go to Switzerland and have it custom made like the original.

I'll be using the fabric edge. Most of the Prada skirts show a turned up hem, but a few don't:

Unlike the runway models, I won't be wearing the skirt without something underneath. I'm considering making a couple of underskirts (aka: slips) to wear underneath, a beige one and a black one. That way, I can switch off depending on my mood.

(Prada photos from


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

These are really nice pieces of lace and will make an amazing version of the Prada skirt!

La Belette Rouge said...

I would love a Prada lace skirt. I will just have to swoon over what you make.

Marji said...

Love the pieces of lace you got.
But yeah, wouldn't it be wonderful to just go to Switzerland and pick a piece or two of the Prada stuff?

Linda said...

Love your lace selections. I am on the verge of buying some lace and looking at the same source, as there is nothing around my neck of the woods to consider.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lace source, and this post abot Prada. Although her's won't be that same fabulous lace, at least I know that DD's homecoming dress will be somewhat in fashion -- even though the lace came from Hancocks!