Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slightly Sidelined, with a Solution

I've managed to pick up a slight eye infection while in Vegas, so no contacts for the next week or so until I finish the eyedrops I've been prescribed. On a positive note, I do see better to sew when I wear glasses--maybe this is a sign. More sewing!!

By the way, I joined the "Garment Each Month" sewalong at PatternReview. The top I finished yesterday is the June garment. Yay!! Only 6 more months to go! Surely this is something I can do; 1 garment a month is the minimum. I can and should be able to complete more. Hopefully I haven't just jinxed myself.

Speaking of the top, I wore it to work today and noticed a couple of things: the darts were too long, giving a sort of "faux nip" effect (KWIM?). So I shortened them 1-1/4". Much better!! I did this as soon as I got home from work so I wouldn't forget.

I also noticed just the tiniest bit of tightness in the shoulders; I guess years of slouching are beginning to catch up with me. I must keep this in mind in the future so I can allow for this.

Note to Gigi and Carolyn: Thanks for your comments. The hook and eye closure was a bit plain, and Gigi's suggestion of a frog closure is an excellent idea. I did something along those lines, but slightly different. The other day, I had bought an assortment of tiny ribbon roses that included some in a blue shade that coordinates with the top. I placed one at the center back by hand sewing half of the rose on one side of the slit, letting the other half just overlap the other side. It looks so cute (will add a picture later, don't worry!).

Ideas for future tops include:
  • installing a short invisible zipper. I had a RTW top done like this many years ago, nice finish.
  • tweaking the pattern to allow for a button placket. I currently have some tops like this so I would be able to work this out with a little bit of examination.
  • the bias loop I mentioned yesterday
  • a bias bound edge, also mentioned yesterday
  • a "floating" snap
  • narrow ties
I'm sure I could also work out a way to place a bias loop on the fold if I put my mind to it. There's more than one way to solve this!

Carolyn, thanks for the fitting suggestions. It probably doesn't show well on the dress form but the top does have bust darts and side shaping. However, Miss Acme is not as well endowed as me! The top also fits me as closely as I feel comfortable with on a work garment. Miss Acme is also not as short waisted as I am and her hip curve is lower.

I used to have a TNT similar to this top some (cough, cough) 20 years ago--the fit was much more generous than this one, so I hear what you're saying. I wish I'd kept that pattern though, instead of deciding to donate it because the rest of the pattern was so dated. Arrrgggghhh! Isn't that always the way?!? Having it now would mean tweaking a TNT instead of working from scratch to find that "perfect" top.

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Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm so glad that it fits closer than what I was seeing...and I'm also happy that you have some ways to change it up.

After I got married my husband convinced me that I should give away some of the boxes of patterns that I had...that was the one and only time that I did that...and I had an original DVF wrap dress pattern in one of those boxes...sure I couldn't wear it any more but just think if I had held onto it!!!!

So the moral of this tale...I don't give away patterns anymore! *LOL*