Monday, June 16, 2008

Butterick 4467 top

I've been working on this pattern in an attempt to come up with a TNT for a simple blouse to wear with suits and jackets for work. The top seemed like a good candidate since it already has bust darts, short sleeves, and an attractive neckline.

Although I like this top, I'm not sure this pattern is "the one".

It has a back seam with cut-on facings, which seemed like a good idea in theory.

In reality, it was a bit fidgity to get the neck edge and back opening even, and it still doesn't lay as smooth and flat as I'd like.

I also don't care for pattern instructions that call for a hand-worked thread loop, preferring a thin bias loop of fabric instead. However, that back neck opening is on a fold not a seam, so there's really no place to neatly attach a bias loop. I finally just decided that a hook and eye would have to do this time. I may try this pattern again after changing the facings to eliminate that pesky fold at center back. I could also eliminate the facings altogether and bind the neck edge. Either solution would work and would also solve the neck fastener issue by providing an insertion point at center back.

It also seems very long. Sure, this is easy enough to remedy, but I had to take off an additional 1-3/4" when hemming it up. I'll be adjusting the pattern in case I make it in the future.

Beth H: Ooops! is all I can say. I was making a few notes in advance. Somehow I selected "Publish Post" instead of "Save as Draft." Sorry 'bout that. The correct pattern number is 4467. It is out of print but still on the Butterick web site.


Beth H said...

Is the pattern OOP? When I look up Butterick 4474, I get a handbag pattern.

A simple blouse is always a good idea!

Gigi said...

Since your hair is short, a flat frog would make a pretty closure.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Nan - I use to make a lot of this type of top back in the day...I actually have one sitting on Lulu my dressform right now!

May I offer some suggestions? The blouse needs some shaping to bring it up-to-date...maybe some front or back darts or shaping of the side seams. You can alter the neckline that would also help and I love Gigi's frog closing idea. This would add a different touch and make your top seem boutiqueish instead of department store RTW.

You know me I would be changing the heck out of this top! :)


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