Monday, May 12, 2008

Going Postal, Part 2

Yes, the rogue postal carrier has struck again, less than one month later. You all might recall that I had a book stuck in my mail bin about a month ago. And I was mean to the customer service person as a result.

This time, I just had to laugh, because it's so stupid. I had a large J.Jill order in the parcel bin, and the postal worker left me a little key so I could retrieve it. How difficult would it have been for him/her to just put the little parcel in with the big one? Duh...

So I called customer service, filed a report, and a supervisor will call again tomorrow. I'll let you know if it happens again next month.

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Anonymous said...

Some people just don't have the "logical" gene. I know some people like this. I will suggest a more efficient way to do something, and they will accuse me of making things too complicated. Whatever!