Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My New Toy

Well folks, DF decided to buy a motorcycle. The 2006 version of this one:

BMW F 650 GS Dakar

Of course, I needed a toy as well. I went to Ann Silva's at lunch yesterday to buy some Do-Sew (pattern tracing paper for my non-sewing friends), and saw a sewing machine that seemed to have the features I needed. Although I have sewing machines (yes, plural), I'm not a big fan of the Brother I'm using now as my primary. The New Home 5000 is a nice machine, but it may have a bad touch screen on it and probably not worth fixing since it's a 1993 model. The Janome Gem is a nice little machine, but a bit too small and basic for a primary. As you might suppose, I was open to the idea of a new machine.

I went back after work, played with it for a while, pulled out the plastic, and brought it home:

Yep, my very own Bernina 140. You'll note that it's a "Patchwork Edition." I don't quilt, but no matter. Manny, Ann Silva's resident sewing machine wizard, says it's just the regular 140 packaged with an assortment of stitches that quilters like to have. In other words, it doesn't mind if you make clothes on it. Not a new machine, but new to me. And not cheap, but a lot less pricy than the brand new comparable models.

So there you are. I've gone over to the Dark Side.

DF was even pleased that I'd bought it, although he found my comment that it was "a BMW of sewing machines" a little silly. However, it's nice that he realizes that price and value are not the same.


christina said...

Yay for the new toy! You know, my machine is similar in that it's the quilter's edition of a Pfaff, mine says "Quilt Expression" on it. Only I sew apparel about 90% of the time. Anyway, it's nice to have all the options in one machine!

Gigi said...

Lucky you! A Bernina 1530 has been my primary machine for about a dozen years and I wouldn't trade it for the world. All of the feet and attachments are wonderful.

quilteddogs said...

I think you will love this. I have the 135 Patchwork Edition and it is becoming my main machine. Congratulations on the new member.

Paula said...

Cool! A new toy.

At first I thought the motorcycle was for you, since that may be what I'm getting for mother's day.

Clare said...

Hi I've been lurking for a while, but had to comment when I saw your new machine, I have a 140 and I would be interested to hear what you think of it when you have used it for a while.

Raesha D said...

How fun for the both of you! My hubby has a MBW bike - guess that means I should go shopping for a new machine:)

Marji said...

Bwaaahhaaaahaaaa, (rubbing hands together), she's come on over.
I had a 153 quilters edition, which I traded in for my 165E - which was foolish since I've never ever used the embroidery module.
I'm a Bernina girl through and through. The 140 is a 3/4 machine right?
I can't imagine that you won't love it.