Monday, April 7, 2008


I went to the Jo-Ann's on Wyoming and Menaul Saturday after my hair appointment, mostly because it was nearby. Also, there was that $3.99 Vogue sale...

I sure wasn't expecting to find all of the new Vogues that were on my spring wish list! This never happens to me. Usually, the Jo-Ann's on the Westside and the one on San Mateo don't have any of the new Vogues until after there's a sale. I don't know if their managers hold them back or what.

There were numerous pleasant surprises in the new releases.

The Sandra Betzina patterns, 1045 and 1050, are much more sleek and less gimmicky than some of her other recent stuff. Either top and skirt of 1045 would be great in the office. And those pants with the side panels in 1050! Love them.

The jacket in the Adri wardrobe 1055 has a jacket with shoulder princess seaming and two different tank tops. One of the tank tops has both center front pleats and bust darts, too.

The Issey Miyake pattern 1052 has a really interesting jacket, and I also like the pants. They kind of remind me of Christian Siriano from Project Runway, or hmm, maybe I should say Christian's work reminds me of Issey's. From what I've heard, Issey is retired from the fashion biz, but his house continues on.

8502, the safari ensembles, includes a nice looking Hollywood waist pants in 2 lengths, which you can't really see in the illustration. And for some odd reason, the pattern specifies hook and eye closures. Umm, no. I think a separating zipper would be a better choice and will make that change when I sew this one (stop laughing! It can happen!!)

8505, a Five Easy Pieces pattern, includes a cute dress and top with princess seaming. Either one would be nice for the warmer months. The short sleeved jacket is actually very similar to the Plaza jacket by the Sewing Workshop, except it has a collar instead of a plain band. A nice interpretation of that style. Note to the stylist: the big jacket with the dress looks great. Very summery. However...whatever possessed you to show the big jacket with the big skirt? Ewww. I do like the individual pieces and most of the combinations, so I bought the pattern in spite of the unfortunate styling of that ensemble.

8499 is a Marcy Tilton, in which she continues her exploration of unusually shaped lower body separates. But if you look closely, those pants (especially the longer view) are cool! They remind me of some Columbia capris I had last year that I shrank out of. So now I can make more! They're princess seamed, so the fit could easily be fine tuned.


Cennetta said...

You grabbed some great picks. I especially like 1052 and 1050.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I bought alot of the same ones that you did! I think both Vogue Patterns and Joanns was right on the case this time. I am SURE they sold a lot of patterns!