Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Annika nominated me! Thanks, girl, and happy birthday!!! If you haven't seen the art deco tassel dolls the guests made at her party, go visit her blog. Beautiful, and what a unique entertainment idea for a party. The cake was cute and fit your theme perfectly.

The E award has been making the rounds lately, and a lot of my regularly scheduled reads have already received recognition. Here are some I like:

Assorted Notions

Behind the Seams

Blackwater Park

Sew Distracted

Tres Bon Babble

Une femme d'un certain age

materfamilias writes

Perhaps some of these are new to you, and you will enjoy them too!


materfamilias said...

Thank you a bunch for the shout-out! I really enjoy your blog and you've got me thinking about hauling out my sewing machine again -- how about those Anna Sui silk pyjamas, by the way? ;-)

Deja Pseu said...

Nancy, thanks for the props!

christina said...

Aw, thanks Nancy!