Monday, April 7, 2008

New Sewing Room Pictures

On Stitcher's Guild, I recently promised to post some new pictures of my sewing room. Mind you, not much has changed. However, I moved the cutting table from the wall to the middle of the room, forming an island.

I really like this new arrangement. It gives me room to leave the ironing board up all the time. I also have a more usable workspace with the table this way, and the lighting is better with the table directly under the fixture (compact fluorescents, natch!)

I also found a new sewing lamp at Wal-Mart for $19.95. Full spectrum fluorescent, complete with bulb. Previously I had a goose neck lamp with an expensive non-Ott bulb, but this is even better. The old lamp has been moved to the home office, where it comes in handy for computer work.


Faye Lewis said...

Your sewing room is beautiful!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

What a beautiful place to create and sew!