Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oy Vey!

I got back from Florida on the 26th, Wednesday afternoon and discovered that my house has no water! Arrrgggh!! And it's Sunday and I still have no water. The plumber and a city water guy both came out and determined that the meter is working, but the line is frozen somewhere between the property line and my house. We are expecting to have cold weather through New Year's, so yes, I'm camping at my house. What a pain!!!

I also had a pretty hectic couple of days back at work on Thursday and Friday, and I'm the only officer in my department at work tomorrow.

Although I had a nice visit to my sister's at Christmas, I'm seriously going to have to rethink the traveling. Between home adventures like frozen pipes this year and holiday blizzards last year, and year-end customer frenzy at the office, it's just getting too hard.

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