Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hi All,

This will be a brief one because I'm posting from E's computer and I feel like I need to limit my computer time since I'm a guest in their home. My computer is extremely limited this year since I can't find any wi-fi to borrow. So no pictures or links until I get back to New Mexico.

It's been fun in Florida. We went to see Michael Andrew's (warning: music on the site) show Friday night and had a lovely dinner for E's birthday at Enzo's on Saturday night. I know that some claim Florida is a shopping wasteland, but it was very cool to shop the Mall at Millenia with my brother in law on Friday. Thanks to the fabulous Martine for showing us around the designer department at Neiman's! There are several Etro, Prada, Kors, and Escada outfits that I'm totally inspired by.

But in the meantime, I've been shopping RTW with a zeal bordering on insanity. OMG! I've gone down yet another size, and E and I are now the same size for the first time in decades. So I'm stocking up on work clothes, mainly pants and skirts. I will be sewing clothes when I return but I need stuff in the meantime.

Tonight we're off to E's sister in law for Christmas Eve noshing and presents. Tomorrow should be quite relaxed, then it's a travel day and back to work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday full of love and joy!!!


Faye Lewis said...

Loved all your PJ's! I was in WalMart looking at some but I put them back and sais I CAN MAKE MY OWN! Have a great time with your sister!

marty said...

Hope you are having a lot of fun in FL with your sister. Both of my sisters live in FL but I can't travel anymore to go see them. Shopping is almost as much fun as sewing. Today I went to CWC and bought 8 pieces that can be mixed and matched into several outfits. Loved the PJ pants.