Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Christmas Sewing

Last week I was grocery shopping at the Wal*Mart Superstore (folks, it's the closest grocery in my neighborhood, OK?!?), and I saw some adorable Christmas cotton on sale for only $2 per yard. So of course, I bought 3 yards of the 2 fabrics I liked the best. I must have really thought these were cute prints because it took forever to get some cutting help in the fabric department. Ugghh.

Anyway, I made yet more pj pants from my go-to pattern, McCalls 2476. One pair is for me and the other is for my sister E, who I'm visiting in Florida starting on Thursday.

This cute pair with penguins is for her:

The Santa ones are mine:

I changed the pattern somewhat because this pattern absolutely has a ton of ease. I ended up recutting the tissue a size smaller than the pattern indicates just because the last couple of pairs I've made prior to these were so incredibly baggy. I also decreased the crotch depth because the butt was way low.

I also want to respond to a couple of recent questions:

Raesha D asked if I was looking to move to the east side of Albuquerque. In a word, yes. DBF is wild for the Tramway/Paseo del Norte area, and I was willing to compromise, even though I have a perfectly lovely home near the Petroglyphs on the west side of town. I used to live near Albuquerque Academy when I first moved to town in 1988 (!), so the area is already familiar to me. This is a long term plan and hopefully I can put my house up for sale once the market rebounds somewhat.

MéLisa wanted to find out about the ASG meetings here in Albuquerque. They take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Asbury United Methodist Church on Candelaria, just east of Eubank. The meetings start at 6:30 pm. Please feel free to come!

Oh yeah, and here's a gratuitous shot of Smudge:

This one is from the summer, when I was documenting my closet for a previous post. I ran across it today when going through some old picture folders. He loves the closet floor, especially when there are shoes to be sniffed. It just cracked me up and I thought you all might find it amusing, too!


Isabelle said...

Super cute PJ pants! Great job. And that's a fun photo of Smudge.

narcissaqtpie said...

I love those penguins!

materfamilias said...

Those are very cute pjs -- but I'm still waiting to see you make a pair in the Anna Sui silk!

MéLisa said...

Great PJ's! Your lucky that the Wally World near you has fabric. The one on Euba doesn't. Thanks for the AGS info! I marked it on my calander & I will try to get to the Jan meeting. (There will be a Jan meeting right? Sometimes groups like that put things on hold around the holidays.) Hope you have a fabulous Holiday!