Monday, July 30, 2007

Vacation, Day 4

Today I've been vegetating somewhat. Insomnia because I got sucked into watching "Godfather 3" on AMC last night. It's not even that good of a movie, but Andy Garcia is such a babe in it as Vincent. Sigh... So anyway, I was up really really late and I've been functioning on a fairly low level today. Whatever. I'm on vacation.

Yesterday afternoon, I started actual work on New Look 6598. I did an FBA using the instructions in Singer's "The Perfect Fit." This is the book I use again and again to add darts. I really like the step by step photos. I attempted to take pictures as I worked on the top, but unfortunately, they didn't come out well so I can't share them. I'll try again on the next FBA project.

I decided that I'd make a test before cutting into the fabric I used for the Loes Hinse skirt, so I picked out some cacti print cotton that came out of the remnant section at JoAnn's a while back. Originally I planned to make View C, which has a collar, but I cut out the wrong front facing and didn't have enough fabric to recut without piecing. So I ended up making View E instead.

As I thought, I cut out the pieces in Size 10 for the shoulders and armscye, switching to Size 14 for the side seams. Umm, still a little snug in the tummy, so I tapered out the side seams there. Fortunately I had added an additional 1" to each of the side seams on the back bodice (forgot to do the same when I cut out the front piece).

And here's the top so far:

Although it sounds like a lot, there's not much left to do. The side seams are basted in, the buttonholes need to be made and buttons attached, hems turned up and sewn, and armscyes bound. I need to make a fabric store run and pick up some thread and bias binding before I can finish though. And it's good enough to wear in public, and will be a nice top for late summer's heat.

The next version should go pretty quickly since the fit issues have been worked out. And if I have enough fabric, the next one is going to have a collar!

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